0xWarriors, a new blockchain-based game that designed to function across both the EOS (EOS) and Ethereum (ETH) networks, announced this week that its beta is officially live.

According to the game’s website, 0xWarriors is a collectibles and battle game that features an unlimited number of heroes that can be uniquely style, equipped and trained. Each hero differs in stats like Strength, Damage, Resistance, Intelligence and Dexterity.

From the looks of it, 0xWarriors is heavily focused on team-play, as players can form squads to tackle various challenges, in addition to private and public tournaments that feature real prizes.

Similar to other blockchain-based games, 0xWarriors allows for true ownership of units and items via NFTs, which include four degrees of rarity: common, rare, epic and legendary. These items include light armor, heavy armor, one and two-handed weapons, bows, wands and shields, all of which can be auctioned for real-world value.

While 0xWarriors initially plans to exist on EOS and Ethereum, it ultimately aims to expand to multiple additional blockchain networks.

More: 0xWarriors Website
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