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Abed Nadir (Danny Pudi) is a pop culture reference machine in Community, and his taste in movies is second to none. While his favorite TV shows are occasionally questionable (Cougar Town?), if Abed ‘loves’ a movie, it’s probably a classic.

With that in mind, we decided to compile Abed’s ‘favorite’ movies, based on his references and comments in Community.

Abed Nadir’s Essential Movie List

Alien (1979) | 8.5/10 | Horror, Sci-Fi

“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

Animal House (1978) | 7.6/10 | Comedy

The greatest college comedy of all time, not sure who rated this one.

Apocalypse Now (1979) | 8.5/10 | Drama, War

“Yeah, I use Wagner, scares the hell out of the slopes.”

Back to the Future (1985) | 8.5/10 | Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi

No movie list is complete without Marty McFly.

Bad Influence (1990) | 6.2/10 | Drama, Thriller

Young Rob Lowe and James Spader… need we say more?

The Big Lebowski (1990) | 8.2/10 | Comedy, Crime

Arguably the funniest movie of all time, Donny.

Blade (1998) | 7.1/10 | Action, Horror

Wesley Snipes will forever be cooler than any of the lame-ass superheroes they shove down our throats these days.

The Breakfast Club (1985) | 7.9/10 | Comedy, Drama

Who doesn’t like The Breakfast Club?

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004) | 6.7/10 | Action, Sci-Fi

An unbelievably badass film that came about a decade before the studios knew how to sell it (kind of like Blade). Hint: It’s as a superhero. Also, watch Pitch Black first.

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The Dark Knight (2008) | 9.0/10 | Action, Crime, Drama

Still probably the best superhero film to date.

Die Hard (1988) | 8.2/10 | Action, Thriller

Bruce Willis when he still had hair. See it to believe it.

First Blood (1982) | 7.7/10 | Action, Drama

Our first introduction to John Rambo. American hero.

Full Metal Jacket (1987) | 8.3/10 | Drama, War

Goodfellas (1990) | 8.7/10 | Crime, Drama

De Niro, Joe Pesci… classic.

Indecent Proposal (1993) | 5.8/10 | Drama, Romance

I guess 90s classics don’t do well on IMDb…?

My Bodyguard (1980) | 7.1/10 | Comedy, Drama, Family

Matt Dillon as a bully… classic.

Overboard (1987) | 6.8/10 | Rom-Com

You know you like it.

Predator (1987) | 7.8/10 | Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi

Do we need to discuss the lineup in Predator again?

Pulp Fiction (1994) | 8.9/10 | Crime, Drama

If you don’t like this movie, you’re wrong.

The Right Stuff (1983) | 7.9/10 | Biography, Drama

The best space film ever. Sorry, Apollo 13.

RoboCop (1987) | 7.5/10 | Action, Crime, Sci-Fi

The Terminator (1984) | 8.0/10 | Action, Sci-Fi


True Lies (1994) | 7.2/10 | Action, Comedy, Thriller

Jamie Lee Curtis and Ahhhhhhnold.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1963) | 8.3/10 | Adventure, Sci-Fi

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