Altitude Games Releases Q1 Roadmap for Battle Racers

Battle Racers / Altitude Games

Altitude Games, the creator of the Decentraland-based arcade racing game Battle Racers, released a roadmap this week to give a sneak peek into what’s on the horizon for the game in the coming months.

According to the¬†Q1 2020 roadmap, the development team has a number of important updates planned, including the ability to transfer NFT parts to and from Matic Network (MATIC). These updates coincide with the launch of Decentraland, which is set to go live on February 20. Once live, players will be able to trade Battle Racers’ NFTs on the Decentraland marketplace, which is also being built with Matic Network.

Additionally, Altitude Games plans to immediately improve the car inventory page while also enabling undercarriage lighting on cars that are equipped with a Radiant Blade from Neon District, which was created for the first cross-over NFT sale between the two games.

Battle Racers roadmap
Battle Racers

Later in Q1, Altitude Games plans to introduce a scraping mechanism that allows players to destroy and upgrade car parts. The game will also be getting competitive races where players can earn medals and trade those medals for Supply Crate rewards. These Supply Crates will also soon be available to trade directly on OpenSea.

You can try out the current version of Battle Racers here.

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