A little over two weeks since launching, Apex Legends continues its astonishing growth, smashing records previously held by Fortnite.

Now, EA Games (EA) and Respawn Entertainment have released the first new weapon: the Havoc Energy Rifle, a new fully-automatic rifle with high damage output.

Apex Legends / YouTube

According to the announcement, “The Havoc Rifle just dropped into the arena, and it’s about to cause some – well, you can guess. This full-auto energy rifle joins the [Hemlock] as one of the arena’s highest damage-per-shot weapons in auto-fire mode, and is the arena’s only hitscan weapon in charge beam mode. It’s also the only weapon to date that can be equipped with two different hop-ups.”

The Havoc includes the following hop-ups:

  • Turbocharger: Eliminates autofire spin-up time.
  • Selectfire Receiver: Enables charge beam alt-fire mode.

After using the Havoc in several matches, I can confirm that it’s a solid addition to the game and much-needed addition to the energy weapon category. While difficult to wield at first, it’s exceptionally lethal when you connect with the enemy.

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