Apple (AAPL) recently confirmed that they will be merging their Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence departments. The new team will be led by John Giannandrea, who recently came to Apple following an eight-year career at Google (GOOGL), where he guided machine intelligence and research teams.

This newly formed team at Apple, which houses Siri and Core ML teams, will remain similarly structured but is now set to report directly to Giannandrea. The teams remain integrated across various projects, including Core OS, mapping and developer tools, according to an interview with TechCrunch.

The teams that manufacture Siri and Core ML originally began separately, but given how central artificial intelligence is to Apple’s initiatives, have merged with a focus that will now shift toward general consumption in the cloud-based mechanics, alongside data-sensitive computations.

Giannandrea’s poaching occurred in April amid ongoing criticism toward Siri, which consumers claim to have experienced shortcomings with as it compared to artificial intelligence powered by Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Though, the limitations are often tied to Apple’s focus on privacy.

Apple has released statements that suggest an intent to improve Siri for consumers this year while teasing a new Siri Shortcuts feature that’s expected to arrive on iOS 12. The shortcuts allow users to begin creating multi-step tasks that may be performed with first and third-party applications that activate through Siri directly.

Other recent Apple developments include their ongoing effort to rebuild Maps from the ground up, which was announced last month, according to TechCrunch.

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