Tech giant Apple has officially published revised cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) guidelines for the dedicated section of MacOS and iOS apps featured on App Store.

The previous section of Apple guidelines specific to cryptocurrencies and ICOs was released December 20, 2017, when bitcoin prices were peaking near $20,000. These guidelines maintained that apps facilitating transfers or exchanges of cryptocurrencies be mandated to abide in compliance with federal and state laws.

The guidelines made public Monday expand on these previous crypto-centric guidelines, with additions ranging from wallet storage to mining apps featured on the App Store platform.

Apple has forbidden app developers from including any third-party advertisements that run cryptocurrency mining in order to maintain the iPhone’s battery and computing power. The decision was mandated during a period when crypto-jacking was growing in prominence in an effort to minimize the phone’s computing power to mine cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies may not be mined on Apple phone unless the processing is performed entirely off of the device, such as through cloud-based mining methods.

Only mainstream banks and established financial institutions will be able to develop or publish apps that enable crypto features moving forward.

Apple has approved Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash and DAO tokens to be utilized on their platforms, and is now allowing apps to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions through approved exchanges if they are offered by the exchange themselves. Provided they are offered by developers who are enrolled as an organization, apps may facilitate as virtual currency storage systems.

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Despite some approval, Apple forbids cryptocurrency from being offered as a reward to users for completing in-app tasks, which usually include posting to social networks, encouraging downloads, or agreeing to download other apps.

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