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Investors living in Asian countries now contribute over 72% of all cryptocurrency trading volume, according to a recent report by Block0, an investment group focused on blockchainĀ projects.

According to the report,Ā Asian markets, including Hong-Kong, China, South Korea and Japan, made upĀ 58.1% of total trading volumes in Q4 2017 and have since jumped toĀ 77.2% (+19.1%) in Q2 2018. At the same time, U.S. trading activity droppedĀ from 30.2% of global volume in Q4 2017 to onlyĀ 12.7% (-17.6%) in Q2 2018.


The study also found that Asian investors, specifically South Koreans, tend to have more diverse portfolios that feature lesser-known altcoins versus their American and European counterparts.

In the first half of the year, Western investors hadĀ 53.0% of their USD, EUR, GBP invested in BTC whereasĀ South Korea investors hadĀ 34.3% of total KRW in Ripple (XRP) in Q1 2018 andĀ 32.9% of total KRW in EOS (EOS) in Q2 2018.

This data provides an interesting correlation to recent studies that found onlyĀ 8% of Americans currently invest in cryptocurrencies and that 41% say they would never consider investing in any digital currency.

While cryptocurrency investing is definitely considered a riskier asset class in the developed world, some nations are quickly adopting digital currencies and stablecoins as a means of escaping runaway inflation and the devaluation of their currencies.

Moving forward, digital currencies will definitely become a hot topic of discussion as they enter the world stage.

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Photo:Ā Dick Thomas Johnson / Flickr

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