Tiffany Cullen

Tiffany Cullen
Tech Writer | Achievement Hunting Specialist | Published a Book About 4chan

Discord Is Now Selling Video Games on Its Platform

Popular online chat and video service Discord recently announced its transition into the video game sales business with the beta launch of a new digit...

Crypto Exchange LXDX Receives Backing From Dymon Asia Ventures

Cryptocurrency trading platform LXDX has reportedly received backing from Dymon Asia Venture to ensure the platform becomes more widely available. The...

DEA: Criminal Activity Only Occurs in 10% of All Bitcoin Transactions

Recent findings from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration show that the ratio of legal to illegal Bitcoin (BTC) activity has flipped so that now o...

Pump-and-Dump Groups Are Making Millions Manipulating Hundreds of Altcoins

The infamous pump-and-dump scheme has been taken to new levels in the unregulated cryptocurrency market.A recent analysis conducted by The Wall St...

Coinbase Adds Former Amazon General Manager as Vice President of Engineering

Former Amazon Cloud executive Tim Wagner has joined Coinbase as the company’s vice president of engineering.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Bashes Cryptocurrency (Again), Calls Bitcoin a Scam

During a discussion at the Aspen Institute's 25th Annual Summer Celebration Gala last Saturday, JPMorgan’s (JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon criticized Bitcoin by...

A Chinese Billionaire Is Building a $300 Million Crypto Innovation Hub in Connecticut

Seven Stars Cloud (SSC) recently announced plans to begin building out a $300 million financial technology hub in the unlikely destination of Hartford...

Coinbase Custody ‘Explores’ Adding 40+ New Altcoins

Coinbase Custody announced Friday that it would begin exploring the addition of various existing and upcoming cryptocurrency assets to its platform fo...

Financial Services Giant Northern Trust Moves Into Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Chicago-based financial services giant Northern Trust has recently begun utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrencies across multiple divisions.Accor...

CoinJar Introduces First Australian Crypto Index Fund

Australian Bitcoin exchange CoinJar has recently launched the country’s first cryptocurrency index fund for wholesale investors.
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