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SatoshiPay, a startup that offers a frictionless micropayment solution to help digital publishers monetize content on the Stellar (XLM) blockchain, has partnered with Axel Springer, one of the largest digital publishers in Europe, to monetize Axel Springer content.

According to the announcement, SatoshiPay uses the Stellar blockchain for rapid payment processing that cuts out the need for an intermediary, allowing for the transfer of value in euros or dollars.

“Blockchain payments can significantly reduce transaction costs and thus enable new monetization systems for content,” Dr. Valentin Schöndienst, Axel Springer’s senior VP of new business, said. “SatoshiPay offers a turnkey solution that allows us to instantly use blockchain technology and offer it to our customers.”

SatoshiPay offers tailor-made solutions for blockchain-based payment and customer loyalty systems to companies, especially in the areas of online publishing. The company was originally part of the Axel Springer Plug and Play startup program in 2015.

“We are excited to work with Axel Springer, who recognize the immense potential of blockchain technology,” said SatoshiPay’s CEO Meinhard Benn. “As one of the few companies with a market-ready blockchain payment solution, we are focused on bringing this technology from laboratories into the mainstream.”

Moving forward, SatoshiPay plans to add additional blockchains to its API, providing a wider range of solutions for publishers and beyond.

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