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Axie Infinity, an Ethereum-based collectibles game that features PvP battles, has become the latest organization to join the Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain ecosystem for games and social apps, as a network validator.

According to the announcement, Axie Infinity will now earn rewards for validating transactions on the Loom Basechain. The team notes that they plan to share network rewards with their community while enabling Axie supporters to stake their personal LOOM with the organization to earn extra rewards.

“As an application currently running on Basechain, Axie has the opportunity to directly effect the success of Loom Network in many ways,” states Axie Infinity. “The more LOOM that’s staked with us — the better we can reward our players and grow our user-base. That means more activity on the Loom chain!”

For those unfamiliar with Axie Infinity, it’s designed to be a natural progression of the first generation of blockchain collectibles games.

The units in Axie Infinity, called Axies, feature different strengths and weaknesses based on four major stats: including HP, speed, skill and morale. Players can rank up their Axies through PvP battles and other gameplay and breed them to create more-unique and potentially more valuable Axies.

Ultimately, Axie Infinity hopes to be the first major esports title from the blockchain gaming world and has already held several tournaments with thousands in prizes.

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