BitGuild, a platform for blockchain gaming and entertainment, will be starting its PLAT token migration from Ethereum (ETH) to TRON (TRX) on May 10.

According to the announcement detailing the swap, PLAT holders will be able to migrate their ERC-20 tokens to the TRON network using the BitGuild Portal. Here’s what token holders need to make the transition:

  • Ready access to the Private Key of your MetaMask or another Ethereum-supported browser wallet.
  • GuildWallet or TronLink (most popular TRON wallets) Chrome extension installed.

From there, investors simply need to visit and follow the instructions laid out by the BitGuild team.

This news follows the December decision by BitGuild to transfer Bitizens, a 3D, blockchain-based avatar game, from Ethereum to TRON. BitGuild stated at the time that it made the decision to move Bitizens from Ethereum due to congestion issues, long waiting times, high gas fees and poor stability. BitGuild sees TRON as the solution to these issues.

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