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SXSW Gaming is teaming up with with the creators behind the upcoming EOS (EOS) blockchain game Blankos Block Party, Mythical Games, to host this year’s opening night party on March 15.

According to the announcement, Blankos Block Party will get its first showcase during the premiere event with musical backing from Questlove. During the event, party-goers will be able to meet the characters of Blankos and test out the game.

Throughout the event, Mythic Games will be giving away SXSW exclusive Blankos card decks and other collectibles that will be redeemable before the global release of the game. This includes Blankos skins designed by notable artists Jon-Paul Kaiser and Dan Lish, and an exclusive, one-off Golden Blanko. This is undoubtedly one of, if not the most significant mainstream events to feature blockchain gaming to date.

Jamie Jackson, Mythical Games’ Chief Creative Officer, said “Blankos Block Party blends everything we love about collecting, uniquely fun characters, and customizing your own world of parties. We can’t wait for them to be released into the wild at SXSW Gaming!”

Mythical Games previously raised $16 million to develop a line of PC, mobile and console games built on EOS.

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