The BlanQuil Is Stress Relief in a Blanket


A simple Google search for stress and anxiety relief products will yield thousands of results, ranging from stress balls to therapeutic face masks and even herb-based supplements. While most of these products feature some degree of anecdotal evidence of efficacy, few are designed based on peer-reviewed scientific literature.

That is not the case when it comes to the BlanQuil, a¬†weighted blanket designed to help you with sleep while reducing stress and anxiety. Leveraging the science of deep touch stimulation, the BlanQuil is engineered to be around 8 to 15 percent of your body weight in order to produce the sensation of ‘being held.’

Deep touch stimulation is a heavily researched field, that has a laundry list of publications featuring its benefits to sleep, stress and even in Autistic populations. In each study, the use of a weighted blanket, or another deep touch simulator, produced a therapeutically significant effect as a calming modality. While the BlanQuil is not a therapeutic product and has not been reviewed by any regulatory body, it was certainly designed with the research in mind.

I tried out the BlanQuil and here’s my take, highlighting its design, functionality and storability.


The BlanQuil boasts a comfortable design with dimensions of¬†47″ x 74″, big enough for most everyone. It consists of two major parts, an inner weighted bean-bag and an outer-sheath of blanket-like material. You can remove the inner bean-bag to wash the outer sheath very easily, so there’s no need to worry about overuse. Currently, you can purchase the BlanQuil in two different weights (15 and 20 lbs.) and colors (grey and taupe).


Having used the BlanQuil for quick unwinds during work, hour-long naps, and full nights of sleep, I can attest to its high-level functionality. While I definitely could feel the added weight on top of me, I was never limited in my mobility under the blanket. I was able to sleep on my back and on my side, without ever feeling any claustrophobic sensation.

To keep with the data-driven theme of this review, I tested out the Blanquil’s effect on restlessness over the course of a week, monitored by my¬†Fitbit. As you can see from the representative images below, the BlanQuil had a fairly sizable effect on the amount of time spent ‘restless.’ While the data is certainly promising, I would definitely need to try it out for a more extended period to get the full picture.

Representative night’s sleep without BlanQuil.
Representative night’s sleep with BlanQuil.

It’s important to note that I conducted this review in Boston in the middle of winter. While the added heat from the weighted BlanQuil was a welcomed element, I imagine that it might not be as comfortable in warmer climates.


The BlanQuil arrives in a medium-sized box and is well packaged. Included with the BlanQuil is a light sleeve that is designed to hold your blanket when in storage. While I had no issue unpacking then repacking the BlanQuil, our female staff members found it a bit heavy to maneuver. While not a huge deal, it is definitely a consideration for any shoppers that aren’t throwing weight around in the gym.

Final Take

Overall, the BlanQuil offers a unique option for non-invasive stress-relief, backed by peer-reviewed science. Its premium design and functionality makes the BlanQuil a must have for those looking to truly unwind.

You can purchase the BlanQuil on Amazon or directly from BlanQuil’s website for $169, with shipping included. Given the far-reaching value of this unique blanket, the price is definitely worth the reward.

If, for whatever reason, you want further proof from someone who doesn’t write technology reviews for a living, there are plenty of social media influencers who have put their names behind the BlanQuil.

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Disclaimer: The product reviewed in this article was sent to SludgeFeed free of charge.

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