The $1 million Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) is coming to an end next year and will be replaced by a new 3-tiered competitive system.

According to a recent post by Blizzard’s Hearthstone team, the new system will consist of qualifiers, live global tournaments and an exclusive top tier, with more than $4 million in prizes.

The qualifiers will be an ongoing, year-round process which will predominantly be conducted online. The first qualifier will start in the spring, and they will not be region-locked, according to the announcement.

While the total number of qualifiers has not been specified, the Hearthstone team has indicated that it should be in the hundreds.

If a player is able to win a qualifying match, he can then proceed onto one of three invite-only tournaments around the world to compete for $250,000. From there, top players will compete in a round-robin online competition, split into regional divisions, with additional prizes and bonuses.

“Fundamentally, we want Hearthstone esports to better reflect the in-game experience, as well as be easier to grasp for new viewers. This new format, to be unveiled in the coming months, will be played across the ecosystem,” emphasized the Hearthstone team.

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