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Blockade Games, the startup behind upcoming blockchain RPG Neon District, has made a move to greatly expand its ecosystem with the introduction of its Blockchain Game Developer Platform.

According to the announcement page, the new platform, which is currently accepting applications for its beta, will offer developers all the tools necessary to develop and integrate a blockchain layer into new or existing games.

The platform’s tools will include real-time blockchain data API, simplified creation and deployment of in-game assets (NFTs), and a number of other integral elements tied to user management and payments.

“We aren’t building a blockchain, and we aren’t competing with existing services,” states the Blockade Games team. “We are building the bridge between blockchains, current dapp products and services, and our games. Our infrastructure is built to eliminate all user friction points and to scale to millions of players simultaneously. We’re making it possible for blockchain games to go mainstream.”

Last November, Blockade Games raisedย an $833,000 seed round from investors including BlockTower Capital Partners and Horizon Digital at a $13 million valuation. The project also has partnerships with Loom Network (LOOM), OpenSea, Portis and several other blockchain companies.

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