BLOCKLORDS, a new blockchain game built on the NEO (NEO) network, has officially launched.

According to the announcement, BLOCKLORDS, which already exists on the TRON (TRX) network, has become the first strategy game to launch on the NEO blockchain. The game itself is set in medieval Europe that lets players create heroes, trade items, conquer cities and earn taxes on sales made within their borders.

“Since winning the NEO.GAME ‘Best Blockchain Game’ award in 2018, this has been a main goal of ours and we are extremely excited about this milestone,” reads the announcement. “We now invite our dedicated followers to experience the first strategy game on the NEO blockchain and look forward to building the future of blockchain games together.”

The game is built around NFTs, where all transactions are fueled by NEO’s Gas. The items are split into different generations with the first batch only including enough for 1,000 heroes, and a total of 5,000 high-quality items.

Moving forward, BLOCKLORDS plans to drive innovation in the blockchain gaming space by bringing new functionalities and continuing to add features that allow players to further monetize their gameplay.

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