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Brave Software, the company behind the open source ad-blocking Brave browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT), is reportedly planning to commercialize Twitter and Reddit posts.

In a recent interview with CNET, Brave revealed that it plans to expand its current token reward system, where Brave Browser users commonly ‘tip’ others on Twitch and YouTube with BAT tokens, to both Twitter and Reddit.

According to a statement provided by Brave, users must explicitly enable BAT payments in order to tip users for their content.

The model will be tipping — a user likes a tweet and can give BAT to the tweeter, and optionally tweet back that he tipped

Brave notes that the functionality will be released sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018, which could help further fuel growth on their platform. Just last month, Brave passed a major milestone with more than 3 million monthly active users in addition to making the top 10 ‘free communication apps’ list in 21 different countries on the Google Play Store.

BAT currently has a $230 million market cap and is currently ranked 37th in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100), a benchmark index for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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