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Brian Armstrong, the CEO of cryptocurrency giant Coinbase, recently revealed some interesting insights into his business strategy and video game preferences on Twitter.

In response to a tweet by Initialized Capital partner Garry Tan that highlighted how competitive gaming teaches lessons that can be applied to startups and life, Armstrong shared that he sees similarities between business and StarCraft II and Civilization.

The two titles are arguably the best strategy games of all time, depending on which Civilization game he’s referencing (there’s 6). While StarCraft is real-time and Civilization is turn-based, both require the strategic management of resources and long-term planning for success.

Coinbase Founders Like to Game ?

This isn’t the first of Coinbase’s founders to reference the significance of video games in his life, either.

Last October, Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam posted a thread on the future direction of the gaming industry and how the cryptocurrency industry could influence the internal economies of virtual worlds.

As we reported at the time, Ehrsam floated the idea that the biggest gaming advancements have come via ‘mods’ of previous games. Examples include Counter-Strike, which was a mod of Half-Life and League of Legends, a copy of DOTA, which itself was a mod of Warcraft 3.

Ehrsam asserts that this concept can be amplified when games are developed on-top of open-sourced blockchain technology.

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If you’re interested in getting a Coinbase-approved business education, StarCraft 2 is currently free-to-play and Civilization just released a new expansion of its sixth installment.

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