CazCoin (CAZ), a new cross-border e-commerce blockchain project, has officially launched its marketplace platform, CazShop, with initial product categories including clothing and electronics.

Adding to the launch, the CazCoin team announced that it has fully merged with Blockscart (BLOC), a blockchain powered e-commerce marketplace and creator of BLOCPAY, a crypto payment gateway designed for easy integration into existing e-commerce sites.

According to the announcement, which was posted on both the CazCoin and Blocstart Telegram channels, Blockscart will eliminate its marketplace and focus on building out the backend of CazShop, in addition to expanding upon its BLOCPAY product to offer offline crypto payment systems. Both CAZ and BLOC will be zero-fee payment options in CazShop and will be integrated in July.

The projects are also planning to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange, CazEx, where cryptocurrencies hoping to be listed must do so by paying a fee in CAZ or BLOC. Additionally, CazEx will have a referral program similar to that of Binance. The anticipated launch date for CazEx is set for the end of July and will be available to traders from every country.

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In a follow-up post on the official CazCoin Telegram channel, Blockscart CEO Tim Rainer emphasized his excitement regarding the potential outcomes of the partnership.

We are really happy to partner with you and your growing community to make our brands become the 1-stop-shop for e-commerce, retail purchases using cryptocurrency and a c2c global exchange.

Over the next few weeks, we will put together a timeline to launch each platform to its best ability.

Looking forward to seeing the real world use case for both our cryptocurrencies and how it will benefit everyone to shop online and offline without fees.

Both CAZ and BLOC are small-cap cryptocurrencies, and the joint-projects will likely provide further clarification on how both cryptocurrencies will function side-by-side on the same platform in the coming months.

More On CazCoin

CazCoin (CAZ) is a newly rebranded cross-border e-commerce platform built on the blockchain, which made the decision to rebrand from ‘Copico’ prior to the launch of its platform. Self-dubbed the “Crypto Amazon,” CazCoin is building a marketplace platform devoid of fee-gouging middleman, enabling suppliers to sell directly to consumers via a decentralized blockchain exchange system. CazCoin strives to be a more inclusive platform, capturing a larger demographic of merchants, specifically in ex-US emerging markets, including India, Asia and Africa.

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