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In-game presale items for Chainbreakers, a Decentraland-based RPG that features dueling armies, NFT-based items and MANA loot payouts, are now available on OpenSea, a peer-to-peer marketplace for rare digital items and crypto collectibles.

According to the announcement, Chainbreakers is the first non-Ethereum-based blockchain game to be supported in the OpenSea marketplace.

Central to Chainbreakers, which is slated for release Q4 2019, are the PvP battles between rebels and government forces, where players pit their armies up against one another and the AI. Each questing area features a dividend pool that is gradually filled with MANA via unit and item purchases made by players in the area. This pool is ultimately distributed to players depending on their successes in the game.

Decentraland is opening the game up to current independent LAND owners to host questing areas and the opportunity to be reimbursed via a percentage of the questing area’s dividend pools.

The funds raised through the currently available items, which can be found both in Chainbreaker’s native marketplace and on OpenSea, are going towards the pre-sale fundraising for the game.

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