Chainbreakers, a Decentraland-based RPG that features dueling armies, NFT-based items and MANA loot payouts, has published its first desktop-viewable teaser demo.

The new demo, which was initially revealed in a video earlier this month, shows a temple containing a number of non-playable characters (NPCs) and what looks to be a major weapons vault.

In addition to the demo, the announcement also saw Chainbreakers unveil a new honor system that rewards users with prestige tokens that are tradable and can be used on Chainbreakers parcels. These prestige tokens can be earned a number of ways, including community engagement and in-game asset purchases.

Topping off the announcement, Chainbreakers is working with Neon District, an upcoming blockchain-based, multiplayer cyberpunk RPG, to develop a cross-over on the Decentraland platform.

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