Cheddar, the post-cable TV network, announced the launch of a new half-hour cryptocurrency show, Crypto Craze. The weekly trading show is sponsored by online brokerage TradeStation and will feature everything from trading strategies to technology breakdowns.

According to their blog post, Millenials comprise a large portion of Cheddar’s audience and their interest in cryptocurrencies make the show a natural fit for the post-cable network.

“Crypto Craze” will explore trading and investment strategies in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other digital assets were quite volatile in 2017, and piqued interest from investors, particularly millennial investors who make up a large portion of Cheddar’s target viewing audience.

In addition to covering tokens like Bitcoin, “Crypto Craze” will examine all things crypto, including blockchain technology, mining, ICOs, the ever-changing regulatory climate, opportunities and risks, and other issues that form the rapidly expanding universe of crypto. Viewers will hear from analysts, traders, legislators and others, as well as learn how to use TradeStation’s platform to monitor cryptocurrency prices and trade Bitcoin futures contracts.

Jon Steinberg, the former President of BuzzFeed and founder of Cheddar, says “the ‘Crypto Craze’ is real and it’s here to stay.”

“Cheddar’s new show will give viewers real-time metrics with in-depth analysis of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, regulation and initial coin offerings. It won’t be the old guard telling you about a phenomenon they don’t understand. The ‘Crypto Craze’ cuts through the noise and tells you what matters in the world of cryptocurrency.”

Crypto Craze is the second show on Cheddar sponsored by TradeStation. Last summer the network premiered The Long and Short, a 30-minute show focused on trading strategies for Millenial investors.

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