The first tournament for Dapper Labs’ new experimental title, Cheeze Wizards, is off to a hot start.

Since dueling began on October 21, Cheeze Wizards has seen over 4,000 duels in 33 duel windows, the periods where players can battle with each other. This averages out to roughly 40 duels per hour, with 11.5% of all wizards eliminated from the tournament.

In Cheeze Wizards, gamers can summon a Neutral Wizard for 0.07 ETH or an Elemental Wizard (Fire, Water, or Wind) for a price that increases for each wizard sold. So far, 5,942 wizards have been summoned, 2,481 of which are Elemental Wizards worth more than 1.3 ETH each.

The map of wizard types (Cheeze Wizards)

The current tournament’s grand prize, “The Big Cheeze,” is already worth 670 ETH (~$122K) and will continue to grow each time a wizard is summoned. Additionally, players can participate in side quests for ETH prizes or resell wizards on the secondary market.

Gamers who want to try Cheeze Wizard have until November 12 to pick up their own wizard before the summoning period ends and the tournament’s championship round begins.

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