Cheeze Wizards, a new experimental title by Dapper Labs, the team behind CryptoKitties, will kick-off its first tournament on October 14.

According to the announcement, the game is built around one-on-one duels with NFT Wizards, where the winner gains a portion of the losing Wizard’s power. These battles involve both Wizards selecting five spells, which have varying results depending on Wizard and spell types.

The victorious wizard is determined based on the spells chosen and each wizard’s type. (Cheeze Wizards)

The upcoming tournament is broken down into three phases:

  1. The Gathering: gamers can begin summoning their Wizards for Ethereum (ETH) and forming parties.
  2. The Beat and Greet: gamers can begin dueling other Wizards.
  3. The Championship: duels heat up with the introduction of “blue mold,” which increases in power every 24 hours. If a Wizard has less power than the blue mold, then they are removed from the tournament until one man is standing.

During the first two phases, gamers can summon a Neutral Wizard for a fixed price, or an Elemental Wizard (Fire, Water, or Wind), with the price increasing for each one already sold. Neutral Wizards always cost 0.07 ETH to summon and always come with 70 power.

The grand prize for the last Wizard standing, called “The Big Cheeze,” is already worth over 606 ETH (~$108K) and will continue to grow each time a wizard is summoned. Dapper Labs also plans to give away over 120 ETH through side quests and party prizes. Additionally, players can resell Wizards on the secondary market if they don’t want to try and win it all.

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As it stands, there are 4,882 Wizards active, with 2,585 of them being Neutral Wizards. New players can begin summoning Wizards on October 14.

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