Goldman Sachs-backed Circle announced the launch of Circle Research on Wednesday, a new informational platform designed to provide insights into cryptocurrency assets and the larger market.

via Circle

According to the announcement, Circle aims to reduce the noise associated with crypto information by providing investors with a trusted source of objective analysis.

“Reading dense and technical white papers, Twitter, Medium, Reddit and Telegram can be a good way to learn about crypto assets but requires a significant amount of time and might not lead to true insights,” said¬†Ria Bhutoria in the announcement.

Circle has launched its Research platform with crypto asset primers on EOS, Cardano (ADA) and Qtum (QTUM), providing in-depth breakdowns that outline the key details, features, risks and challenges associated with each digital asset.

Circle Research is likely in response to similar products launched by major exchange competitors. San Francisco-based cryptocurrency giant Coinbase just launched Informational Asset Pages and Coinbase Learn, a new section of the website dedicated to educating people who are new to cryptocurrency and answering some of their basic questions.

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, also¬†recently launched¬†a beta version of¬†Info 2.0, a learning portal¬†designed to enable users to quickly learn about each blockchain project and the network and services it provides.

Information has perhaps never been more available to retail investors as the major exchanges compete for users going into 2019.

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