Civic Launches Civic Connect to Replace Facebook and Google Login Verification


Civic (CVC), a decentralized architecture for identity protection, announced the launch of Civic Connect on Sunday, a new app-to-app integration that allows for blockchain-based user authentication. This system is designed to replace third-party authentication via platforms like Google and Facebook that are facing ongoing data security issues.

According to the announcement, Civic Connect enables any app to integrate Civic Secure Login and Reusable Know Your Customer (KYC) to authenticate users. Through its design, users will only need to make a Civic ID once and it will be available for all supported apps, allowing for fast and secure account creation.

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“App developers can now leverage the power of the Civic Secure Identity Platform within mobile applications. They can now add secure 2-factor authentication (2FA), anonymous private 2FA, and onboard verified users in customized flows that streamline the experience without sacrificing security or compliance,” says the Civic team.

Apps that support Civic Connect will include a “Connect with Civic” button as an alternative option to the Google and Facebook buttons.

Civic notes that the first use case comes via Dentacoin¬†(DCN), where Civic Connect will provide secure identity verification for the blockchain project’s Dentacare Health Training app. The authentication assures that no users lose their¬†DCN tokens, which are rewarded for establishing healthy dental habits.

CVC is currently trading at $0.1325, down 3.5% in the last day, giving the project a $45 million market cap.

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