CoinDesk Launches a Crypto Economic Data Platform


Major crypto news and multi-media outlet CoinDesk announced on Wednesday that it has launched the Crypto-Economics Explorer, a new data platform that aims to offer an all-encompassing picture of the cryptocurrency market and its various digital assets.

According to the announcement, the new platform offers a suite of 28 tools related to price, exchange, network effect, developer base and social data. To help users visualize and easily compare digital assets, CoinDesk developed a number of benchmark factors to standardize the datasets.

For example, the¬†Network Benchmark “looks at data points specific to the blockchain in question like the number of on-chain transactions, mining profitability and how many nodes are running the software.” A visualization of the major benchmarks can be seen below.


The response to the new data platform by Crypto Twitter (CT) has largely been mixed, with many citing concerns over the source and packaging of the provided data. However, CoinDesk has been notably quick to respond to concerns across Twitter, with an apparent openness to crowdsource on the platform’s offerings.

“Simply put, the tool you see today will change, evolve and grow along with the ecosystem itself ‚Äď and we’re hoping that you, our users, can be a part of that process,” Coindesk stated.

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