Crypto tokens come in many forms. There are payment tokens (cryptocurrencies) designed specifically for value storage and transfer, utility tokens that give its holders access to services provided by a blockchain project or company, and securities tokens that represent physical assets, companies, or even earnings streams. There are now even reputation tokens, given as a marker of reputation or as rewards.

The world is quickly tokenizing.

There are examples of this movement popping up all over the place. In just the last month, AirAsia announced a token-based rewards program,  Chimera detailed a plan for a token sale to purchase a share of the famous Plaza Hotel, and a major hedge fund is planning to raise as much as $500 million in a new fund focused solely on blockchain investments.

To meet the rising demand for token creation and sale, a number of tools have been created, ranging from ICO rating services to full-fledged token marketing firms. However, demand is quickly outpacing available resources and there is currently a need for more intuitive platforms that work to consolidate tools and services into a single location. While there are a few full-service ICO platforms, one young company is quickly separating itself from the pack.

Meet CoinLaunch, an end-to-end crypto-asset issuance platform that simplifies the process of both creating a token and staging a crowdsale through a number of services. The CoinLaunch platform consists of three major elements: CoinCreator for issuing ERC20 tokens, a DAPP store that offers pre-built decentralized applications designed for easy integration and consulting services that allow teams to expand their roster for a short period with experts who know how to stage a successful ICO.

A key differentiator for CoinLaunch versus other token issuing platforms is that the entire process from token creation to sale is conducted through Ethereum blockchain smart contracts. This is in stark contrast to other platforms that rely heavily on off-chain services, making CoinLaunch one of the most transparent and secure platforms on the market. What’s more, CoinLaunch leverages a strict token vetting process, a smart escrow system and a soon-to-launch blockchain-secured KYC DAPP, to assure buy side protection and long-term regulatory compliance.

Since launching last fall, CoinLaunch has seen overwhelming interest from the blockchain community, with over 10,000 projects, companies and entrepreneurs already looking to build on their platform. To organize this massive influx of interest, CoinLaunch is using a cohort approach and organizing cohorts so that each member can function in synchronous, supportive manner. The first cohort is currently active, and there are already a number of interesting projects being built with CoinLaunch, including:

  • Token gamification of a popular off-road truck racing league
  • Blockchain-based identification and credential system
  • Token-based luxury resort built from the ground up on the blockchain
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Interested in CoinLaunch and what you can build on their platform? Here’s a quick rundown of the company:

Platform & Development

CoinLaunch is currently in a beta testing phase, where a number of early adopters are functioning across their testnet.


The CoinCreator interface allows for a simple method to create a functional token and run a crowdsale on the Ethereum blockchain. CoinCreator offers a number of features, including an intuitive issuance dashboard, integrated white-label tools, and geo-targeted regulatory compliance tools.

CoinCreator enables builders to create a number of different tokens, for a variety of use cases. These range from more traditional blockchain projects needing utility tokens, to tokens used for things such as event tickets, coupons and other applications. CoinLaunch aims to make token-only deployment even more useful through a number of tools, including a direct exchange DAPP that allows businesses and vendors to easily exchange tokens for payment. The company now supports the creation of securities tokens, and are actively tackling the regulatory hurdles necessary to make the platform fully compliant with integrated whitelisting and KYC/AML tools.

One of the main challenges for project ICOs is that early backers receive a large discount on tokens, and this creates an incentive for these investors to dump their tokens on the open market once it is listed. This severely hurts the projects hoping to build value and is a significant red flag to external regulators. To combat this, CoinLaunch has built a smart escrow system that introduces a 12-week vesting period, helping projects building on their platform to retain and grow value throughout the exchange listing process. This vesting period is similar to the required 90-180 day IPO lock-up period for early investors in equities.
DAPP Store

CoinLaunch offers a number of pre-built DAPPs that are easily deployable at extremely affordable rates. At the moment, they offer DAPPs directly related to the creation, sale, and listing of a project’s new token. Interestingly, they are currently beta testing ‘Appchains,’ which allows developers to build, deploy and manage their own private and interoperable Ethereum blockchains.

Additionally, the company plans to roll out their blockchain-secured KYC, which will provide one of the most secure and transparent identity verification tools on the market. These DAPPs are available separate from the CoinCreator platform, further expanding CoinLaunch’s utility to the larger blockchain community.

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If you’re interested in learning how to use the CoinCreator platform, the CoinLaunch team has created a number of useful tool and video tutorials.

Consulting Services

Expanding on CoinCreator and the DAPP store, CoinLaunch also offers a suite of consulting services for projects needing external support. Ultimately, CoinLaunch aims to further integrate these services onto the blockchain.

There have been over 55 thousand contracts deployed through the CoinLaunch platform, with over 21 thousand ICO buyers so far.


Based in Toronto, CoinLaunch was founded by Reuven Cohen and Randy Clemens.

Reuven Cohen
A successful entrepreneur, in 2003 he founded Enomaly, one of the first infrastructures as a service (IaaS) platforms. In 2012, Enomaly merged with Virtustream and ultimately sold to EMC for $1.2 Billion.

Randy Clemens
A serial entrepreneur with 20 years experience in the technology services industry. Founded and built Redwood Global into a leading consulting firm with over 200 employees and $30M in annual revenues. He successfully sold the business in 2014.

Between their work as investors, business advisors, and entrepreneurs, the CoinLaunch team has helped raised over $500,000,000 for startups to date. CoinLaunch also appears to be rapidly building out their team based on the number of job listings on their site, including openings for blockchain developers and sales associates. They even offer the option to receive salary payment in cryptocurrencies.

Final Take

CoinLaunch is building a truly innovative platform geared towards simplifying the token creation and crowdfunding process. Through a focus on quality assurance and buy-side protection, as well as a number of extremely useful platform features secured by the blockchain, CoinLaunch hopes to become the go-to platform for any individual, project, or company looking to issue a token or stage crowdsale.

You can find CoinLaunch on various social media platforms:

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Disclaimer: The author(s) of this article may have a position in one or more of the securities mentioned above. This article contains sponsored content and is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.



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