A lot goes into making a high-quality cryptocurrency project. You need a strong development team, expert branding and marketing, and of course, a lively social community. Currently, altcoin projects rely on a number of social platforms to build and support their community, likeĀ Reddit, Discord,Ā TelegramĀ and Twitter. While an active social community is undoubtedly a major indicator of project health and potential, there currently aren’t sufficient tools for investors to properly monitor this key factor.

Enter Coinmunity, a new app created by Reddit user nectarAF, Daniel Wolfgram.Ā Coinmunity provides real-time rankings for the fastest growing cyptocurrency communities by aggregating social data from Twitter and Reddit. This data is then paired with a detailed coin price and 24-hour market information aggregator, enabling users to keep track of their investment portfolio.

While there are a few similar platforms currently on the market, likeĀ Solume andĀ CoinTrendz,Ā it looks like Coinmunity will expand beyond the features already available through these apps. Additionally, Coinmunity’s user interface is far cleaner.

In Wolfgram’s Reddit post, he mentions a few upcoming features for Coinmunity:

  • Track your personal cryptocurrency investment portfolio
  • Receive real-time price updates from multiple exchanges
  • Set Price alerts for buy order and sell orders
  • Add multiple worldwide currencies
  • Sorting columns

He has also indicated that there is a plan to incorporate data trends from other sources, like Telegram and Google Search.

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Top 34 cryptocurrencies, sorted by growth on Coinmunity:


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Final Take

Coinmunity looks like a great app to add to any investors toolbox. I look forward to tracking its development to see if it can truly differentiate itself from other apps in the space.

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