Complexity Launches Weekly Mobile Fortnite Tournament With Thousands in Prizes

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Complexity Gaming, one of North America’s leading esports organizations, has announced a new weekly mobile Fortnite tournament series with thousands of dollars in prizes available.

According to the announcement, Complexity has partnered with BoomTV for what they are calling “Mobile Mondays.” Starting on September 16 and running through October 14, players will compete for weekly prize pools of $750. Following that period, the top 100 players from the previous weeks’ battles will compete for a $1,250 prize pool on October 21.

“The accessibility of mobile esports uniquely aligns with the accessibility of Complexity‚Äôs new headquarters,” said Complexity Gaming’s founder and CEO Jason Lake. “Anyone with a smartphone can join in on the action of Mobile Monday and now our local fans can come experience the GameStop Performance Center at the Star. It’s exciting to be able to reach both our Complexity family close to home as well as our fans around the world.”

Sam ‘DuckyTheGamer’ Hatch, Complexity Gaming’s star mobile Fortnite player, added, “We’re excited to welcome our local Frisco community into the GameStop Performance Center for the first time and interact with our fans. Mobile Mondays are a great way for gamers of all ages and abilities to join in the fun and feel like a part of the Complexity team.”

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Image: Whelsko / Flickr
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