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Each Sunday, we breakdown the most important crypto market news from the past week for SludgeFeed Premium members, including key events and stories you might’ve missed from a variety of news outlets.

Top Headlines This Week ?

Binance Coin (BNB) Becomes the First Cryptocurrency to Pass Its January 2018 High

The biggest news this week was arguably the launch of Binance Chain, the new blockchain platform that will fuel Binance’s decentralized exchange (DEX) and other major initiatives.

As a result of the launch, Binance Coin (BNB) became the first large-cap cryptocurrency to surpass its 2018 highs.

eToro Launches Crypto Exchange for Pro Traders, Issues 8 Stablecoins

The blockchain division of global social trading platform eToro has launched a cryptocurrency exchange for pro traders. eToroX claims to be a secure and fully regulated trading venue. The platform currently offers 37 trading pairs, with the ability to convert 6 cryptocurrencies to fiat.

Gemini Is Now the Largest Bitcoin Exchange to Add ‘Full’ SegWit Support

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced Monday that it has added “full” support for SegWit, an important bitcoin code change that paves the way for scaling improvements.

While many bitcoin companies have adopted SegWit to some degree, Gemini is unique in that it’s the largest bitcoin exchange thus far to roll out support for “native SegWit addresses,” a newer type of bitcoin address which helps to scale the cryptocurrency even further but has been adopted to a lesser degree.

🚀  Civic Launches Civic Connect to Replace Facebook and Google Login Verification
Tencent (TCEHY) Launches Pokémon Go-Style Blockchain Game in China

Tencent (TCEHY) reportedly launched its first blockchain-based video game in China. Let’s Hunt Monsters is an iOS game that combines the AR hunting mechanics found in Pokémon Go with the blockchain-based collectibles functionality…

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