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Gods Unchained, a collectible trading card game built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and backed by Coinbase, has announced that for the next two weeks, CryptoKitties will be available as a limited edition card pack (codename: “The Cat in the Pack”).

According to the announcement, the addition of the CryptoKitties card pack demonstrates the interoperability between blockchain games, where units and items can be shared across multiple titles.

Players who own a CryptoKitty will be able to purchase the card pack, granting a unique and tradable talisman that represents their kitty as a statue in Gods Unchained, in addition to a rare Genesis pack. Additionally, three Gods Unchained-themed kitties will be available in CryptoKitties over the course of the two week period.

Gods Unchained features a sleek game board for PvP competitions and gameplay that is on par with many non-blockchain-based games. The game’s assets, including every creature, spell and weapon, are represented by non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The game strives to be the first major blockchain esports title, and currently applies 10% of pack sales to the first Gods Unchained World Championship, with a $1.6M goal.

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