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CryptoWars, a blockchain-based strategy game that features army battles between villages, recently revealed that it will be running its second competitive tournament this month with $940 in total prizes.

According to the announcement, this is the second of four planned tournaments that run through the middle of April.

Here are the details for the second tournament, which kicks off on February 21.

  • From February 21 at 6:00 PM CET to February 28 at 6:00 PM CET
  • $940 in prizes for the Top 5 (1st: $375, 2nd: $260, 3rd: $190, 4th: $75, 5th: $40); Winners will receive their prizes in ETH, CASH or Experimental Tokens (decision of the winner)
  • Special Prize provided by Zombie Battleground

CryptoWars lets players build custom villages, form alliances and summon an army to go to war with opposing factions. Given that it’s built with blockchain technology, CryptoWars will feature unique game assets and other scarce elements that can be purchased, sold and traded on the CryptoWars marketplace.

via CryptoWars

CryptoWars is not your traditional strategy game. Unlike, say, Civilization or Starcraft, which feature various levels of live-action, CryptoWars does not feature any in-game action. Instead, battles are played out via a complex algorithm that accounts for multiple factors, including the composite defense and attack scores of the respective players.

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CryptoWars recently joined Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain ecosystem for games and social apps, as the latest project to leverage its software development kit (SDK).

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