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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has launched a battle royale mode, jumping on the latest trend of established first-person shooters adding the game mode made popular by Fortnite.

According to the announcement page, the game mode will include up to 18 players in a large open-world environment. While Danger Zone essentially follows the traditional battle royale script, it does feature a number of unique in-game elements.

For instance, the game is built around personal tablets that users leverage to track opponents, track drone deliveries of weaponry, and map paths to strategically¬†gain an advantage. There are even “blacksites” full of equipment and weapons which players can choose to land in and explore.

The game mode features pistols, rifles, SMGs and heavy weapons from CS:GO’s classic arsenal, and players can enter solo or with a friend in duo mode.

Based on the current gameplay, it looks like Danger Zone will be a direct competitor to both PUBG and the new Call of Duty Blackout mode, likely adding further momentum to the growing movement against PUBG as an esports game.

CS:GO can be downloaded and played for free on Steam.

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