Danny Devito has been a favorite on It’s Always Sunny since he took on the role of Frank Reynolds back in 2006. We recently reviewed a clip from a 2015 interview of the Always Sunny cast on the Conan O’Brien Show. During the interview, Conan probes Devito on whether or not he’s shocked by what they can get away with on the show.

Devito was not, given that FX(X) might not even know they’re still on the air. He goes on to describe some of the crazy things that they have done to him on the show.

Here’s the quote from 0:58 of the video:

I’ve been slimed… they’ve painted me black for a camouflage show. I roller-ed myself… that was like rollering. I dug up my dead wife… and I’m naked. I came out of the couch naked… I turned into William Defoe.

They painted me black for a camouflage show? Hilarious. What he was referring to was the Season 10 episode titled ‘Charlie Work’, where a disgruntled Frank Reynolds paints himself black with a roller to replace the clothing he flushed down the toilet — which allows him to camouflage himself in the basement to trick a health inspector into believing there isn’t noxious carbon monoxide flooding the bar. This quote clearly shows that DeVito has no idea what the gang is up to while they film, he just goes with the flow. Even Kaitlin Olson, who plays Dee Reynolds, found his description of the episodes funny (as seen in the clip).

Image result for frank reynolds painted

Regardless, DeVito is absolutely perfect as Frank. His detached-yet-willing attitude really plays into the character — which was expertly depicted in the Season 11 episode ‘Being Frank.’ After all, Frank is the money man. He funds things, he doesn’t do the planning.

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