Decentraland (MANA), the first virtual reality platform owned by its users, has officially launched its second SDK Hackathon where the project will be giving away 2.5 million MANA and 200 parcels of LAND.

Now called “Game Jam 2019,” the event will run from September 16 to September 30 and feature a panel of expert judges.

Decentraland has given some suggestions on what to build, including a nine-colored labyrinth, a minefield, a lunar lander, a memory puzzle and even a haunted house.

As we previously reported, The top-20 finishers will earn a sizeable amount of MANA, worth at least $1,500, while 1,000 MANA will be given to each qualifying scene. Any amount over 50,000 MANA will be provided under a mandatory vesting schedule.

Developers interested in participating in the hackathon can sign up through this link.

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