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DeepBrain Chain (DBC), a blockchain-driven artificial intelligence computing platform, officially launched its training net, opening up its platform for GPU rig owners to provide their computing power as an alternative to mining.

The DeepBrain Chain network is built around a collection of mining nodes that range from large mining nodes, such as those of a large mining pool, to medium-sized mining nodes using Azure and Ali cloud for mining, or even a home high-performance computer.

In order to keep the nodes high quality, the project has set a number of minimum requirements for providers. For instance, GPU mining rigs must hold 2, 4, 8 or more GPUs with GeForce GTX 1080s or above. While there is no specific information on the payout minimums, it looks like miners are able to set their own prices and receive rewards in DBC tokens. This is especially attractive for amateur miners given the significant drop in profitability in traditional crypto mining.

According to the announcement, both companies and computing power providers can sign up via the testing network landing page. DeebBrain Chain has stated that it will kick-off the launch with a distribution of its tokens to various higher education institutions to purchase computing power.

In celebration of Training Net’s launch as well as to spark the DBC ecosystem, DeepBrain Chain will distribute DBC tokens to universities and research institutes working in AI for these pioneers to purchase AI computing power on the DBC network.

DeepBrain Chain is notable for being built on the NEO blockchain, but the price of DBC has suffered from a significant downtrend since peaking at $0.51 in January. Now, DBC stands at $0.016 with a $25 million market cap.

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