Gathering Storm, the second expansion for Civilization 6, is set to bring a number of new gameplay dynamics, in addition to 9 new leaders and 8 new civilizations.

PhoeneciaSwedenMaliHungaryIncaCanada, the Māori, and the Ottoman Empire have all been confirmed as new civilizations. This week, Take-Two (TTWO) revealed the last new leader is Eleanor, the duchess of Aquitaine.

Eleanor was unique in history as both the queen consort of France (1137-1152) and England (1154-1189). She was one of the wealthiest and most influential figures of the Middle Ages, leading the Second Crusade and marrying two kings, the second of which, Henry II, created the Angevin Empire (House of Plantagenet) that controlled Britain and much of France.

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In Gathering Storm, Eleanor can lead both France and England, as part of her unique ability “Court of Love.” Additionally, Great Works in Eleanor’s cities cause nearby foreign cities to lose loyalty. Any city that leaves an opposing civilization thanks to Eleanor’s influence will skip the Free City step and instantly join her civilization.

Although not explicitly stated in the announcement, it appears Eleanor also inherits the unique abilities and units of either France or England. The video suggests France’s mid-game wonder building bonus will benefit Eleanor nicely.

France’s current bonuses:

  • Civilization Ability – Grand Tour – Gain a bonus when constructing medieval, renaissance and industrial era Wonders. +Tourism for every Wonder.
  • Unique Unit – Garde Impériale – Gain a bonus when fighting on the home continent of France, and garner Great General points from kills.
  • Unique Tile Improvement – Château +Culture, bonus Culture for adjacency to Wonders. Must be next to a river.
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England’s current bonuses:

  • Civilization Ability – British Museum Archeological Museums have extra artifact slots and each museum gives more Archeologists, Museums are automatically themes when full.
  • Unique Unit – Sea Dog Can bully weaker units and capture enemy ships.
  • Unique District – Royal Navy Dockyard provides bonus movement for naval units built there, bonus Gold for Dockyards on other continents and Great Admiral points.

Features sourced from Bite on CivFanatics

Gathering Storm is set to release on February 14 for Windows. Apart from the new civs, leaders and wonders, the game will feature a number of new and improved game elements, including advanced technologies, engineering projects and the return of the World Congress. Notably, Gathering Storm will be the first game in the franchise to introduce a living world ecosystem that “showcases natural events that could enrich or challenge your growing empire.”

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