Enjin (ENJ), a blockchain project building a decentralized ecosystem for gaming, has launched the Enjin Marketplace, which allows users to easily buy and sell ERC-1155 blockchain game assets.

According to the announcement, the marketplace is designed to provide a secure, unified asset trading experience that allows gamers, developers and crypto enthusiasts to easily conduct transactions.

The assets listed on the Enjin Marketplace represent the network’s growing multiverse ecosystem, allowing for easy transfer and integration across games.

“We’ve seen the demand for trading, and we strongly believe that building a great peer-to-peer trading experience is an essential part of bringing real value to games—and driving forward our mission of blockchain adoption,” states the Enjin team. “Our ability to do this hinges upon our being able to eliminate as much friction from every process as possible, so we’ve made buying and selling assets on Enjin Marketplace a breeze.”

The marketplace comes as part of Enjin’s effort to build out an ecosystem to support the adoption of ERC-1155 assets. Back in April, Enjin added blockchain asset support to its universal blockchain explorer, EnjinX, allowing users to search, browse and verify ERC-1155 assets and transactions.

Prior to that, Enjin launched the Enjin Beam QR system to enable game studios, retailers and other businesses to send ERC-1155 tokens to their users and customers with hidden messages.

The new marketplace is designed to work seamlessly with EnjinX, Enjin’s smart wallet and the Beam QR system, offering an integrated blockchain gaming asset management and trading system.

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