EOS (EOS), a consensus blockchain operating system that recently launched its mainnet, has announced the release of EOSIO version 1.1, the project’s blockchain software architecture.

With the latest release, EOS has added a number of new features designed to lay the groundwork for future scalability.

This release targets usability of the software for developers, laying a foundation for more scalable application development and support for an infrastructure team building on the EOSIO blockchain.

Included with the release is MongoDB Plugin, an optional plugin that provides archiving of blockchain data into a MongoDB, enabling highly-scalable and convenient queries on that data. Additionally, EOS has added two major quality-of-life improvements — database guards and faster syncing by no longer attempting to relay transactions from out of sync nodes.

Notably, EOS mentions in the announcement that it is currently working on supporting various hardware wallet technologies. However, there is no timetable for the integration of this feature. There are more upcoming feature previews available on the EOS Github.

The price of EOS has been in a steady downtrend since peaking at $20.69 in April and currently sits at $7.95. The project now holds a market cap of $7.13 billion, making it one of the largest altcoins in the world.

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