MIXMARVEL, a game platform and content community, announced this past weekend that Epic Dragons has launched on the TRON network, as part of a partnership with Tron Arcade that will produce several titles utilizing the TRON network.

Epic Dragons is a browser-based MUD that allows users to play as one of three classes with differing attack powers and attributes. The game takes place in several phases, based on whether or not the dragon is on screen. Essentially, when the dragon appears, players have 4 hours to spend TRX to attack the dragon, lowering its HP.

If defeated, the TRX bounty is distributed according to preset rules, and participants gain the appropriate contribution points. If the dragon escapes, players can “chase the dragon” by donating TRX to recall it with varying amounts of HP.

Given that Epic Dragons is built on the TRON network, it requires a direct connection and a funded TRX wallet to facilitate in-game transactions.

Epic Dragons comes around 2 months after MIXMARVEL ported its other dragon-themed game, HyperDragons, to Ontology (ONT), a next-generation public chain infrastructure project and a distributed trust collaboration platform. As with the decision to launch Epic Dragons on TRON, MIXMARVEL chose Ontology due to its scalability.

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