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Everipedia (IQ), a decentralized Wikipedia competitor, has officially launched on the EOS (EOS) blockchain.

While Wikipedia is home to a number of independent research and quality control groups, the platform is still very much susceptible to trolls and purposeful misinformation attacks. Given that the organization is a non-profit and relies on external donations to function, the team does not directly work to curate its content. This ultimately puts a strain on the open-sourced ecosystem.

Founded in 2014, Everipedia aims to address the key limitations in the traditional Wikipedia model by incentivizing users to submit and accurately curate data found within its database using the project’s native token (IQ). Distribution of the IQ tokens works to further engage the Everipedia community by enabling a system of platform governance.

Everipedia reportedly boasts more than 8,000 contributors and has even landed Wikipedia co-founder Dr. Larry Sanger as the company’s chief information officer (CIO).

In an email sent to TNW, Sanger highlighted the benefits of Everipedia’s decentralized system.

Because the network is decentralized, the network will bring together articles from multiple encyclopedias, not just Everipedia. It will be possible to have different articles on the same topic, and we will eventually have a rating system that will make it possible for people to find different articles on the same topics, rated by different categories of people, groups, and experts.

Everipedia was initially built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, but the team decided to migrate to EOS, citing concerns over the current scalability issues plaguing the platform. In June, it conducted an airdrop of IQ tokens to kickstart adoption.

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