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Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus, has released Trusted News, a new browser extension designed to assist readers in identifying fake or biased online news outlets.

According to its announcement, eyeo will use Metacert’s database of fact-checking websites to rate the trustworthiness of news websites, which will initially be driven by third-party fact-checking groups including PolitiFactSnopesWikipedia and Zimdars’ List.

We designed Trusted News to be impartial, we don’t want to get involved in politics. Trusted News uses a simple traffic light system to alert you to the rating of a news website. It’s up to you to decide whether to continue reading.

As the platform develops, eyeo intends on moving the rating system onto the Ethereum blockchain, where it will look to leverage a custom protocol and a reward system for crowd-sourced submissions. This decentralized ecosystem will be fueled by MetaCert tokens.

Trusted News will rate each site into the following categories: Trustworthy, Untrustworthy, Satire, Biased, Malicious, Clickbait, User Generated Content and Unknown (in cases where we can’t get enough information about a site).

Trusted News is currently in beta and is available only for Google Chrome at this time.

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