VeChain’s (VET) First DApp Launches Later This Month

original via (DBET), an open-source peer-to-peer blockchain gaming platform that lets anyone build custom games, predictive markets and casinos, will be the first decentralized application (dApp) to go live on the VeChain (VET) blockchain.

Initially developed on the Ethereum network, DBET saw the opportunity to transition onto VeChain after running numerous tests and audits of its platform in the middle part of 2018. The ultimate reasoning for the transition was the scalability of the VeChain network, in addition to the access to specialized developers for the porting process and overall platform development.

According to a recent announcement by the DBET team, the mainnet¬†for their gaming system will go live on October 31. As part of this launch, DBET is currently conducting a token swap from its ERC-20 token to the new VIP-180 token, which was recently listed on VeChain’s mobile wallet.

DBET recently rebranded to develop a more expansive platform, where it aims to “facilitate gaming for¬†everyone.” As part of this mission, the team aims to facilitate¬†community game development through a¬†third-party marketplace where developers can add content.

DBET is currently trading at $0.0473, giving the project a $6.2 million market cap. VET currently has a $628 million market cap, making it the 19th largest coin in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100), a benchmark index for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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