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FirstBlood (1ST), the first eSports platform built on blockchain technology, recently announced the launch of the beta for its decentralized application (dApp), which allows players to challenge each other in head-to-head competitions for 1ST tokens.

According to FirstBlood dApp’s informational page, the beta version only allows users to play Dota 2, an online battle arena game, in single player mode. The FirstBlood team is currently working to bring multiplayer, team mode, and additional eSport games to the platform.

Each FirstBlood PvP match consists of four different roles:

  • Players: the gamers competing for 1ST tokens
  • Host: an individual who volunteers to start the Dota 2 game lobby
  • Witness: a randomly selected individual who is designated to confirm the results of the match
  • Juror: a randomly selected individual at the discretion of either player to confirm the ruling by the witness

To get started, gamers just need an Ethereum account, 1ST tokens, a copy of the FirstBlood dApp and a Steam username to link in Dota 2. The payout for each game is currently 90% to the winner, with the remainder split between the host, witness and juror to incentivize these supporting roles.

Prior to the launch of the dApp, FirstBlood offered an automated tournament system that covers everything from registration to scoring and prize fulfillment. FirstBlood has drawn some of the biggest teams in eSports to participate in their early tournaments, including Cloud9 and Envy. These matches are all streamed on FirstBlood’s Twitch channel.

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