Crypto Virtual Summit
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The Crypto Virtual Summit, a 4-day summit featuring 22+ cryptocurrency experts, is now live and free to register. The Ethos-sponsored event is designed for cryptocurrency newcomers, providing an effective primer to blockchain technologies, ICOs, and crypto trading.

Here are the three phases of the summit:

Phase 1: The Launchpad

  • How to get started buying + investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
  • Learn the best exchanges and wallets to get your money into the market
  • Protect your data, money, and investments and not get HACKED or lose your coins
  • The secret tricks to navigating the extremely volatile crypto marketplace
  • The most trusted Crypto Currencies and Coins to invest in with biggest returns
  • Learn how to look out for Scams, Shitcoins and Pump and Dump schemes

Phase 2: Break Out the Atmosphere

  • Tools for the long-term vs day trading of Crypto
  • Rules, regulations and tax-principles of investing in Crypto
  • The tools for Technical Analysis and reading charts
  • How to make market predictions like a Pro
  • 10x to 50x your investment on exciting and promising ICOs

Phase 3: To the Moon!

  • How to build, launch and promote your own ICO
  • The future of blockchain and the disruptive Future of Web 3.0
  • Which crypto-experts to get your investment advice from
  • Behind the scenes of the rapid rising coins!

While this virtual summit is clearly targeting the amateur investor, we will be watching closely to see if we can glean any roadmap or community insights from the projects participating in the event.

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