While checking out another great page, Kim Jong-Un Looking at Things, I happened to click on a link called FROG Tips under their ‘Friends’ tab, and am I ever happy I did. is one of the most entertaining and pointless websites I’ve ever found and the world needs to know about it.

The premise is quite simple: how to operate your frog, but from there it’s kind of up in the air, because the tips are all from random technical instructions rewritten for your frog. Each time you click on the frog, you get a new, random tip.


As you can see, the frog tips are totally unrelated to actual frog maintenance and care, although some are probably still accurate like “Don’t consume frog laced with marijuana.”

I don’t know, I just enjoy that something like this exists. It’s a throwback to a time when pointlessly entertaining websites were everywhere.

Side Note: I’m a big fan of a good old fashioned blogroll and wish more websites would include related or recommended websites that AREN’T just part of their media organization.



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