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Fuel Labs, an Ethereum (ETH) research group focused on scaling solutions, recently launched the beta testnet for its sidechain network.

According to the announcement, Fuel Labs has released what they are calling Fuel v0, a series of short-lived testnets that test stability and performance. The team notes that v0 will run for several months with plans to release a long-lived testnet of Fuel v1 by the end of Q1.

Fuel’s beta testnet offers a tokenless ecosystem that enables instant trusted transactions. Fuel Labs uses the UTXO data model similar to Bitcoin, allowing for parallelizable transaction verification and efficient state access patterns, according to the team.

Fuel Labs’ main focus is currently stablecoin payments, which the team believes is critical for the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

“We believe the killer app for any blockchain is Stablecoin Payments,” Fuel Labs previously stated in a blog post. “If a blockchain can master this, it can add tremendous value to the global economy with far-reaching implications. Fuel is focused on addressing this on Ethereum in the form of a simplistic optimistic rollup style approach.”

Those interested in supporting Fuel can do so through the group’s Gitcoin grant.

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