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G2 Esports has cemented itself as the world leader in Rainbow Six Siege after winning the Six Invitational this weekend, the second consecutive seasonal championship victory for the team.

In what became the longest match in Rainbow Six Pro League major history, G2 Esports took on Team Empire, one of the world’s premier R6 teams and a leader in Russia. The toe-to-toe matchup eventually concluded after 22 rounds, as Team Empire could no longer stick with the champs.

“I think after they lost that map, Team Empire, they kind of lost the game,” G2’s Fabian Hallsten said. “Mentality-wise, it wasn’t good for them to lose that map. They had so [many] more kills than we did, and every round they won was so overwhelming every single time. And when we won, it was one-on-ones.”

In order to get to the finals, G2 had to defeat both SpaceStation Gaming and Team Reciprocity after first winning their group that included MockIT Esports, Team Liquid and Mantis FPS. In the end, G2 earned an $800,000 payday, the majority of the more than $2 million prize pool for the event.

Six Invitational bracket (Ubisoft)

G2 has been making waves in multiple games in the first part of 2019. Just last week, European League of Legends Championship Series history was made when G2 Esports defeated FNATIC in just over 20 minutes.

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