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Video games could very well be the golden ticket to bringing mass adoption to blockchain networks, but few major networks are making it a focus of development.

As it currently stands, most of all blockchain gaming is based on the Ethereum (ETH) and EOS (EOS) blockchains, with the majority of games featuring some form of a collectibles element. Now, the next major player may soon be taking on the $138 billion industry: TRON (TRX).

According to an announcement by TRON CEO Justin Sun, the first idle blockchain game built on the TRON network will soon be available. Magic Academy, a PvP battle game that allows users to collect and trade unique Wizard characters, is now being built on the TRON testnet.

The currency of the Magic Academy world is the Jade, a TRC-20 token that is used to purchase wizards and upgrades. Players are constantly generating Jade, and that production is increased with Wizard and upgrade item purchases. When players attack opposing users, they are given a chance to steal their Jade.

Magic Academy also features “very rare” items that are based on the TRC-721 standard, meaning that each is completely unique. These grant large increases to production and battle power and can be openly traded in the Magic Academy marketplace. Each time a rare item changes hands, its value increases 25%.

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According to BitGuild, the game’s developer, all the transactions can be completed with a Tron wallet, such as Treasure, and all of them can be tracked on the chain.

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